Posted by: ritagone | January 8, 2020

Get Me To a Cave!!

It’s a new year, and I wish

my computer (an iMac, not too new but not that old) would revamp itself.  I’m very sick of that multi-colored ball that keeps spinning and spinning, telling me that something is just not working right in Rita’s Apple-land. In fact, there are quite a few things around the house that we are wishing would start out the new year 2020 fixed and in better shape: the roof (which has a few leaks), the pool equipment (which was supposedly fixed and has now mysteriously stopped working yet again), and something else that I’m sure will break down by the time this is published.

I guess the option is to move into a cave where you own nothing, so, therefore, nothing is capable of breaking.  You then don’t have to call repairmen, you don’t have to sit waiting on your phone listening to Muzak for 45 minutes while you try to amuse yourself until someone answers.  You don’t have to figure out when is a good day – morning or afternoon – for someone to make an appearance on your doorstep to fix whatever it is that has broken.  Or worse, to set up the appointment and then not show at all.

Do I sound frustrated?

Because I am.  Definitely.

I know these are 1st world problems, as people like to tell us in order to…what?  Get us to stop complaining, because we have a roof over our heads and therefore we should be happy with our leaking?  Allow us to appreciate what we own that occupies so much of our waking hours because something always seems to be on the blink?

I’m not quite seeing the benefit here of 1st world problems.  Again, that cave is sounding awfully good.  Just some nice dry walls and a few reeds to throw on the ground for sleeping.  A bunch of sticks for the fire that will heat the cave when necessary.  Oh, a grocery store needs to be somewhat close by, because this gal ain’t going hunting, but that’s not such a difficult thing to ask for, is it?

So if one more thing breaks or needs attention in my house in the month of January, 2020, I may be cave hunting.  You can count on it!!!

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