Posted by: ritagone | January 22, 2020

The Bird Bath

Outside my home office window sits a cement birdbath.  When it’s full, which unfortunately isn’t as often as I’d like, because we keep forgetting to put water into it, and there’s never enough rain to keep it full naturally, but when it is full, birds come and bathe and splash in it.

Watching birds of every size and color come do that – exult in the joy of a short and frivolous bath time – has become one of the major joys of my life.  I can sit at my desk and stop everything and just watch.  Just watch.  There is much joy, I’ve found, in just watching.  Just stopping everything – because nothing is as important as spending a moment to watch those lovely birds taking a bath.  The small things in life have become just so: very significant, very happy, very life-giving to me.  Why is that?  I imagine it’s because as we get older, we have hopefully learned to appreciate the small things much more than we did when we were younger and were always searching instead for the larger things: the big events that we thought would shape our lives in dramatic ways.

And they did, of course.  The graduations, the births, the weddings, the promotions, the awards, the deaths.  Those are the stuff of life that we look forward to, that we talk about, that we mourn and laugh about and remember with others.  Those are the stuff of novels and movies.

But a bird taking a short bath on its way to wherever birds go after they bathe.  That’s nothing.  That’s inconsequential.  Except it absolutely makes me smile and love my morning a bit more, makes me appreciate life and breath and existence and just being alive. Because that’s what that bird portrays: the zest and joy of just being alive, of being able to splash his (or her) wings, get wet, clean off a bit whatever grit or grime acquired in flight or in a day’s work, and then go on the way satisfied and ready for the next thing.

And that’s a pretty significant reward for just sitting at my desk and watching a bird splash in some water for 30 seconds!


  1. I can totally relate ! I know I’m getting old cuz I thoroughly enjoy Watching birds take a bath on the little waterfall edge of our Jacuzzi that spills into the pool. …And the hummingbirds fluttering around the red flowers in the garden so sweet! I absolutely love having Dana in our group and she contributes so much to the really good discussion!! Let’s go to lunch soon ! Miss you 💕 Sent from my iPhone


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