Posted by: ritagone | February 5, 2020

What I’ve Accomplished This Week So Far…

I studied to teach about the name of God that is El Shaddai, and so learned about our impatience when we ask God for something, when He

doesn’t answer our prayers almost instantly.  It’s been a great lesson for me.  I’ve found that studying to teach others usually results in my learning more than anyone.

I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down usernames and passwords for my husband, because once a year we do this thing entitled “If I Die,” where we have to provide that kind of information “just in case.”  In our household, my death would be more disruptive financially in terms of knowing where the accounts and investments are, because I take care of all of that stuff.  It’s nice to feel wanted.  Like my friend Iris, whose portfolio I’ve managed for many decades, who always says to me when I try to tell her what equities are in that portfolio, “Don’t die!”  As I said, nice to feel wanted.  Not nice, however, to spend hours finding passwords and account numbers and such so they’re available if I get hit by a bus.  Which is a euphemism, you understand, for dying.

I must say that my reading has taken a back seat recently to watching a British series called “Silent Witness,” which just finished its 23rd season!!  Do the math: twenty-three seasons, 10 episodes per season, and that’s a lot of TV to watch, but I’m intrigued: it’s a series that is very similar to “Bones,” a team of forensic doctors and scientists who deal with bodies after a crime has been committed.  But they’re British, so the show is much classier.  And addictive.  Which is why I am reading less and watching more.  The weird thing is this: I started in Season 23 and have been working my way backwards, 22, 21, 20, etc.  I’m in Season 19 now.  Don’t ask me why I’m doing it this way.  The only reason I can give you is that the earlier seasons are so dated, back in the mid-90’s, that I felt very old watching them.  So I’m stuck in this “Memento”-like situation of my own making and, OCD about such things that I am, will plod on until I’ve watched all 230 episodes.

Which means that for the foreseeable future there’s little chance that that bus is going to hit me, since I’m pretty much glued to my TV unless I have to be elsewhere.

That’s about it.

Maybe next week there will be more exciting news to report.  I think I will most likely have finished watching “Silent Witness.”

Thanks for listening.

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