Posted by: ritagone | March 18, 2020

What’s Going On Here?

In the year 2000 Broadway

musical “Aida,” there’s a song called “Elaborate Lives,” sung by Heather Headley, who played Aida brilliantly and sang even better!!!  The lyrics keep haunting me now, today, as I curl up in my comfy couch/chair/lounge in my office, hardly 

ever leaving my house because of the coronavirus quarantine.  (I did leave yesterday for about an hour for, of all things, a teeth cleaning.)

The lyrics, in part, go like this: “We all live such elaborate lives,” and then they go on to describe what that looks like in the culture of Egypt.  Another pertinent line in the song: “We all live in extravagant times, playing games we can’t win.”  You know, when you’re hibernating, quarantined, whatever you want to call it, when stores are closed and restaurants also, when all of the activities which you normally participate in are on hold, you have plenty of time to think about the lyrics of songs and how they apply to your life and the world around you.

We do live elaborate lives, most of us, don’t we?  We’re complicated, layered, so entangled in very many things.  We go places, we do things, our schedules are packed, most of us, with activities and people.  And when that all comes to a screeching halt for whatever reason or reasons, we’re bewildered and stunned.  When it comes to a halt because of a health scare, a pandemic, that makes it all a lot more frightening, like a futuristic science fiction movie that we somehow fell into the center of and can’t extricate ourselves from.

It’s worldwide.  I have talked recently to friends in France, Dubai, the Netherlands, getting the pulse of what life’s like for them.  The story I hear is the same: quarantines, shortages, a bit of fear and a little panic.  These are occurrences most of us have never experienced in our lifetimes.  Unprecedented. Terrifying. Worrisome, to say the least.

And here’s my main thought about all of this, as I sit at home for days at a time, reading and relaxing and processing and wondering what happens next: this is the time that all those easy-to-make statements, about God being in control, about trusting God no matter what, about my faith, my trust in Him, are really being put to the test.  Do I really, really, truly believe what I say so glibly during the easy times, now when times are tough, when life isn’t easy, when I can’t have things smoothly working the way I expect or want it to?  Do I really believe that God is in control of my life, of my circumstances, and of the world around me?  Of the world at large?  Or are they just words easy to say but meaningless?

And will I let what’s happening overcome me, or will I be an overcomer, because I know who’s in charge and where my future lies?

This is something worth pondering while you’re quarantined, sitting in your house or apartment and wondering what’s next.


  1. Stay safe dear Rita & family! God is in control….life is good with Faith.

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